The Content Writer


We understand that not all content writing is the same. While some webmasters need decent, readable content, others are looking for well-researched writing with high level of quality.

Basic Quality:

This option delivers informative and well written content writing. It emphasizes low rates and reduced lead time. The benefits include:

  • affordability
  • fast turnover
  • high content volume

High Quality:

This solution generally places an emphasis on effective writing that grabs the readers’ attention. This is often the choice of webmasters who want content writing that is:

  • high interest
  • well researched
  • sales oriented
  • technical

Our Rates

Our low content writing rates are typically based on the number of words per article, the number of articles required, the topic of content and the level of quality desired (high or basic).

Since each webmaster has a different set of requirements, we quote jobs individually.

Content Writing Topics

We deliver bids on any writing topic. Our areas of focus in the past have involved business, travel, health, technology, finance, ecommerce and a wide variety of other important website content areas. In addition to webpage content we write press releases and Campaigner® Email Marketing text.


SEO is a competitive industry, and webmasters often rely on little-known “niche” keyword topics to maintain their edge in the market.

We understand this, and actively work to maintain the privacy of our clients. The two main areas of confidentiality that we uphold are:

  • Topics that we write about
  • Identity of our clients

We do not divulge to anyone, regardless who they are, the specific topics that we are writing about, or have written about.

In addition, we keep the identity of our clients confidential, unless given their express permission to use their names for promotional purposes. Discretion is of the essence.

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